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BOSS Talk unites entrepreneurial women through stories about their experiences - the good, the bad and the real. Far too often, we only see the highlight reels of entrepreneurship so during this podcast we dive into those candid conversations that aren’t typically featured on social media platforms - especially those moments that haven’t quite hit the mark as planned. BOSS Talk will both challenge and motivate you to build the life and business you want by battling overwhelm with systems and self-care. If you’re listening and find yourself overwhelmed in your business right now, head over to and schedule a connection call today.

Jun 21, 2022

“We can all lose sight of the vision - but we can always find our way back to it.” - Tanika J. Lothery


In this episode of BOSS™ Talk my assistant and right hand, Tanika J. Lothery and I come together and have a frank conversation about this season of BOSS™ Talk - the wins we’ve experienced, our opportunities and a peek into the future of the show. 

This was such an honest and enjoyable conversation and it showed us both that even when you get off track, you can always refocus. With laughter, we discuss losing the vision for the podcast and it taking on a life of its own, but with teamwork and refocusing we were able to complete the season successfully.

Here’s what you can expect from this episode: 

  • A real example of how teamwork makes the dream work
  • Modeling team wins and celebrations
  • Getting real about identifying opportunities
  • Losing sight of the vision and regaining it
  • What’s next for BOSS™ Talk

If your vision has ever become blurry, check out this episode of BOSS™ Talk as we speak candidly about losing sight of our own vision, but regaining it and moving forward as a team. 

Remember you can do what you love in the marketplace without sacrificing yourself to do it. So until next time, be sure to subscribe to the show and continue to battle your overwhelm with systems and self-care and walk out your own boss talk.

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